Health Care Claims Specialists
Offering Peace of Mind in Claims Reimbursement


STEP ONE: Your office inputs your claims at your office and sends them to Health Care Claims through our secure FTP server. STEP TWO: Health Care Claims receives the claims and edits them for accuracy and HIPAA compliance and we submit them electronically to the insurance carriers within 24 hours of receipt. We issue a Billing Report which itemizes the claims that were sent and send that to your office. STEP THREE: Your office will create an Aging Report 30 days from the Billing Report date showing any unpaid claims and send that to Health Care Claims. STEP FOUR: Health Care Claims will follow up on any unpaid claims and issue a Claims Follow-Up Report and send it to your office.  
All claims are proccessed within 24 hours of receipt in our office and payment is primarily received within 7-to-10 days.

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